Colonial dating in 1776

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Struck at the Mexico, Santo Domingo, and Lima mints in the time period of 1536 to 1572 - all undated.

Design Characteristics: Hand struck cob typically on a round full-sized planchet.

The battle is generally regarded as one of the first naval battles of the American Revolutionary War, and one of the first fought by the United States Navy.

Most of the ships in the American fleet under the command of Benedict Arnold were captured or destroyed by a British force under the overall direct of General Guy Carleton.

Province of New Hampshire, later New Hampshire Province of Massachusetts Bay, later Massachusetts and Maine Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, later Rhode Island and Providence Plantations Connecticut Colony, later Connecticut Province of Maryland, later Maryland Colony and Dominion of Virginia, later Virginia, Kentucky and West Virginia Province of North Carolina, later North Carolina and Tennessee Province of South Carolina, later South Carolina Province of Georgia, later Georgia In early times cities were commonly known as provinces and after 1776 they became known to as states. Player 1 continues until all six jacks have been picked up,one at a time.•For twos (twosies): Player 1 bounces the ball, picks up two jacks, catches the ball on one bounce in the same hand, then puts the jacks in the other hand.

The ball can bounce only once; if a stone is used, the stone is tossed in the air and must becaught before it lands.

If you use a stone, toss it the air rather than try to bounce it. The player wants the jacks to land pretty close together, but not so close that they're hard to pick up one at a time.

Twelve Spanish colonial mints, Mexico, Santo Domingo, Lima, La Plata, Potosi, Panama, Cartegena, Bogot, Cuzco, Guatemala, Santiago, and Popayan produced a total of five different types of silver reales coins, pillar, shield, pillar and waves, milled pillar, and milled bust during Spain's almost 300 years of colonial rule.

Page two is brief history and information on Colonial daily life, school, food, and clothing. •For ones (onesies): Player 1 tosses the ball again, picks up one jack, then catches the ball onone bounce with the same hand.

Be sure to check out page 2--the gathered data is not only informative but will help you in making the most of a Colonial Theme! Player 1 then puts the jack in the other hand and repeatsthe play, again picking up one jack.

Though the colonies and Great Britain had commenced hostilities against one another, the thought of independence was not initially entertained.

Writing of his early experiences in the colonies in 1778, Paine "found the disposition of the people such, that they might have been led by a thread and governed by a reed.

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