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Candy bars are set up unwrapped with the intention of determining a persons ability to identify a specific candy bar. The key is to be used for emergency purposes only such as a lockout. unexpected pop-ins) can result in one losing key privileges.Candy line-ups have been known to disappear before the identification process takes place. The process of giving a gift and then asking the recipient to return it. Rolodex used to provide excuses for avoiding outings, meetings, conversations or general get togethers with annoying childhood friends you were only friends with in the first place because they had a ping pong table. " Festivus is a holiday celibrated on December 23, created by Frank Costanza and was made as a response to commercialism of the other December holidays. Mythic place where a secret tribe of beautiful women reside. and am working at RBC as internship opprtunity for 4 months. Has an unusual quality in that it writes when turned upside down. Also useful while writing in bed, preventing the user from having to turn over and lean on his elbows. Regularly provides cards wherein after the purchase of twelve crappy sandwiches, one automatically receives commission as a "sub-captain." A hat may or may not be involved.A phenomenon in which a bald person who earlier used to crib about being bald starts realizing that he is not himself if he is not bald.

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"24" employs fast-paced and complex stories, and often contains unexpected plot twists.[Monologue, on stage] Jerry: It seems like whenever these office people call you in for a meeting, the whole thing is about the sitting down. You know, we've been sitting here for I don't know how long. Though each days events typically revolve around thwarting an impending terrorist attack, each season is made up of various interwoven story threads.These may run for just one hour, but more usually run over several hours.

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